Forecastagility Server

Power Of Control And Manage Your Company's Information Sources

Intelligence In Team

Forecastagility Server lets you extend data access of your desktop to members of your team at all levels – new and experience users or data professionals.

Make data-driven decisions from a published dashboard, use web authoring to query published data sources, or create work and data sources to be shares the rest of the team or organization.

Use natural language to ask questions from any published data source.

Type in a question and get answers in visualized form. Forecastagility uses powerful algorithms to automatically profile, index, and optimize data sources. Then you can extend your search to additional data sources or create fully interactive dashboards.

Your team will have the freedom to explore data in a trusted environment instead of being limited to predefined queries, wizards, or chart displays. You can reliably empower your team using encrypted extracts. WFH or on-premise staff will work in an environment where data and analytics are managed, secure, and accurate. Forecastagility is easy to deploy, integrate, and scale.

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