Forecastagility for Legacy Data Migration and Predictive Analytics

Opening legacy data to open relational database environments
and unstructured reporting

Forecastagility offers data solutions globally. Founded in 1975, Forecastagility operates from offices on four continents with headquarters in Orange County, California.

Forecastagility has practice areas that include legacy data migration and predictive analytics. With our combined experience in these areas, Forecastagility has to tools to help save time, money, and IT effort.

Developers of legacy applications did not design them to handle larger data files

but to generate summary reports and purge detail periodically to minimize the use of expensive disks. Frequently performance suffered as data files grew. Over the years, historical data was backed off older systems using data dumps to tape or silos. Forecastagility Legacy Data Migration tools bring your history into a new environment for optimal usability. The data can complement current information to strengthen forecasting. Doing so will let companies more easily comply with requirements to preserve historical records as well.

Forecastagility Predictive Analytics utilizes legacy data along with current sources to build statistical models that can reliably forecast future trends to support sales, production, personnel, planning, and decision making. Proven algorithms, easy to use tools, and sophisticated modeling will allow companies to find and exploit patterns to uncover risk, losses, and opportunities.